Delivering end-to-end services that ensure the on-going security and stability of the electricity network.
Electricity - Cabling & Offshore

Against a background of rising population growth, increasing energy consumption and growing environmental concerns, our clients recognise the vital importance of a power network that delivers electricity to millions of consumers safely, reliably and economically and that is capable of meeting future demand.

Innovation is changing the way in which electricity is generated and where it is created. ‘Smart grids’ that anticipate future changes and provide network operators with increased flexibility will define investment strategies.

The construction and maintenance of the network infrastructure, linking offshore and onshore power generation to the grid and upgrading the links between substations, is also benefitting from Delta Power Electrical’s excellence in engineering innovation to radically improve safety and reduce time spent on site.

Working with our extensive supply chain, we harness the expertise and experience of specialist providers in a highly collaborative culture. As a result, we have developed many specialist construction techniques that have overcome major challenges and led to significant improvements in minimising risk and maximising efficiency.

We are one of a few specialist providers with the capability to operate across the spectrum from 11kV/3 kV/66kV/132kV/220kV to 400kV, providing a range of services that includes the ability to assess viability and scope the detailed requirements of a contract prior to construction.
Electricity – Overhead Lines

The assembly, restoration and maintenance of overhead transmission lines is benefiting from Delta Power Electrical’s excellence in engineering innovation to drastically improve safety and reduce time spent onsite.

Our role in overhead line transmission design, construction and maintenance for 11kV/22kV/66kV and 132kV, is to help clients make the right choices and deliver their asset plans to the premier benchmark.

We share in the responsibility of improving project outcomes and work closely with our clients to manage risk effectively and ensure that long-term, sustainable value is delivered, whilst minimising cost throughout the lifecycle of assets.

We aim to work in partnership with the country’s broadcasters and telecommunications providers. In today’s digital age of smart phones and ever increasing internet reliance, fast and effective infrastructure are an essential part of life.

Delta Power Electrical has worked in partnership with some of Britain’s foremost broadcasters and telecommunications providers, to install and upgrade the network. We draw upon the skills and experience of a specialist in-house structural design team and fabrication facility to ensure the consistent delivery of fibre optic cables, fibre splicing projects.
Street Lighting & Infrastructure

Delta Power Electrical manages public lighting or street lighting assets for Municipalities, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure. We provide a range of services for these assets, including duct work, cable laying, erection of lighting columns, feeder pillars and ongoing maintenance.

Our clients share common concerns around the issues of safety, cost-efficiency, customer service, sustainability and innovation. These are themes that run through all our relationships and that determine the way we approach both short and long cycle requirements.

We provide full turnkey solutions in Service laying and Main laying sectors.

In the water sector, we work on long term, large-scale contracts, establishing close working relationships with our clients where we help them change and evolve how they operate and manage their assets and supply chain.

We provide full turnkey solutions in Service laying and Main laying sectors.


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